Can-Am Mini Finisher Handle 2ft

Can-Am Mini Finisher Handle 2ft


The CAN-D050-V1 is half the standard reach for close spaces, while still providing good leverage and control.

Corner Finisher Handles are the perfect tool to get your flushers into any angle. Providing versatile movement and control of the head, the stainless steel ball joint connects to all Drywall Flushers easily. The rubber grip provides optimal comfort, and anti-slip control. Available in a variety of lengths, both fixed and extendable, these lightweight aluminum poles put most angles in easy reach.

Available Finishing Handles >>

  • CAN-D050 - 60cm / 2FT
  • CAN-D100 - 120cm / 4FT
  • CAN-D800 - 176-120cm / 2.6-4FT
  • CAN-D400 - 106-152cm / 3.6-4FT
  • CAN-D600 - 120-240cm / 4-8FT