Can-Am Roller Glide Corner Finisher 3.5in
Can-Am Roller Glide Corner Finisher 3.5in
Can-Am Roller Glide Corner Finisher 3.5in
Can-Am Roller Glide Corner Finisher 3.5in

Can-Am Roller Glide Corner Finisher 3.5in


Can-am Roller Glide Finishers

In 2018, CanAm took the drywall finishing world by storm with these patented Roller Glide Corner Finishers. As the original inventor of the flusher-style corner finisher, the addition of stainless bearings makes corner finishing even easier and has launched this tool into global popularity.

Key Features

  • Smooth Gliding - reduce effort and increase control with CanAm's patented Roller Glide Runners, which eliminate chatter and glides over protruding screws and wet tape on flats
  • Minimal Sanding - CanAm flushers help achieve a near-perfect finish, every time, with little to no sanding required


  • CanAm flushers wipe and feather joint compound - similar to a hand trowel, creating a seamless transition from apex to feathering tip
  • Quicker 3-Ways - flushers have the added benefit of going further into 3-ways than angle heads; many pros agree that the time spent picking 3-ways is drastically reduced
  • Better Fill - flushers provide a fuller glaze and reduce flashing, especially on the taping coat 

Available in the following sizes and set

  • 2.5in - CAN-B100-RR, Ideal for the initial coating of paper tape after corner rolling. This drywall corner tool is what you need to start drywall angles off well.
  • 3.0in - CAN-B200-RR, The world's original Drywall Flusher. Typically used after taping, for application of a second or finish coat, this is one of the best drywall tools.
  • 3.0in Widetrack - CAN-B300-RR, Most angles are butt joints, but sometimes one of them will have a tapered edge. This size provides an extra half inch blade, and runner track width to ride the wall outside of the tapered angles. Versatile for both second and finishing coats. (This tool is available via indent order)
  • 3.5in - CAN-B400-RR, Our most popular drywall finishing flusher, creating a perfect finish every time. This is one tool that can create a huge difference in the speed and finish on any drywall project.
  • 4.0in - CAN-B500-RR, The widest working edge of our finishers to help create a perfect finish every time.
  • Tool Set - CAN-P1803, Comes in a rugged hard case, contains B100-RR, B200-RR, B400-RR, D9100