Can-Am Variable Flow Corner Finisher 3in
Can-Am Variable Flow Corner Finisher 3in

Can-Am Variable Flow Corner Finisher 3in


Variable Flow Direct Finishers all new Patent-Pending Adjustable Cover Plate!  Slide the cover plate up to get a higher mud flow rate, and down for lower.  This feature provides increased control for drywall finishers who use direct corner finishers with their Compound Tube.

Can-Am Variable Flow Corner Finisher 3in is typically used after taping, for application of a second or finish coat.

➡️️ Key Features:⁣⁣

  • Allows mud application, embedding and flushing at once.
  • Smooth Gliding – reduce effort and increase control with CanAm’s patented Roller Glide Runners, which eliminate “chatter” and glides over protruding screws and wet tape on flats.
  • Minimal Sanding – CanAm flushers help achieve a near-perfect finish, every time, with little to no sanding required.
  • Premium, Durable Stainless Steel – specialty sourced and meticulously crafted to achieve just the right flex, finish, and maximum longevity.
  • Hand Tuned Finish – Every blade is inspected before leaving the CanAm facility, so you get the same, amazing result, every time, all the time.
  • Ergonomic Design – CanAm’s innovative ball-and-socket design provides superior control in corners, access from any angle, and allows for quick and easy tool switching.

Available Sizes >> 

  • 2.5" | 3" | 3" WIDETRACK | 3.5" | 4" 

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