Fibafuse MAX Tape 76m x 52mm
Fibafuse MAX Tape 76m x 52mm
Fibafuse MAX Tape 76m x 52mm

Fibafuse MAX Tape 76m x 52mm


FibaFuse® MAX is an innovative, reinforced paperless drywall tape with a NEW porous design that allows compound to flow through the tape for an even stronger bond, and dramatically eliminating bubbles and blisters.

➡️  This new additional blue reinforcement layer features a tri-directional construction that provides crack resistance in multiple directions and prevents accidental tearing of the tape on inside corners.

Key Features:

  • Added Reinforcement Layer Provides Maximum Crack Resistance
  • 76% stronger than paper tape.
  • 62% lighter than an equivalent roll of paper tape.
  • Scores a perfect "10" on ASTM D3273 mold test.
  • Versatile application options.
  • Will not blister or bubble.
  • Easy to use for a smooth, professional finish.

>> FibaFuse® MAX  can be applied using either automatic taping tools or by hand perfect for inside corners, patching and repairs. For maximum performance, embed mesh blue colour-side down.

Available in various sizes >>

  • 10016 - Patch Repair - 23m x 152mm
  • 10017 - Wall Repair - 45.7mm x .914mm 
  • 10015 - 76m x 52mm - Original


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