INFLATAFIX - Ceiling Kit

INFLATAFIX - Ceiling Kit


INFLATAFIX® is an all NEW and exciting product 💯 INFLATAFIX ® is a super innovative way for hole repair in drywall or plasterboard walls and ceilings that offers a fast, cost-effective solution to both tradespersons, handymen and DIY users! 

➡️️ Think of it as an old school method made modern, quick, and easy!!

INFLATAFIX® features:

  • All in one repair kit.
  • Product quality assured.
  • Quick, easy and effective solution.
  • Superior finish.
  • Designed & produced in New Zealand!

A simple all in one kit, INFLATAFIX comes with an inflatable back block system and a specially formulated fast drying smooth plaster. Fixes holes in minutes, not days and with NO rust stains and NO glue required - INFLATAFIX faster & easier, it also has a superior finish plus it is the best value on the market!

Available in  >> 

  • INFLATAFIX Wall Repair Kit Small & Large.
  • INFLATAFIX 2-in-1 Ceiling or Wall Repair Kit.

-->InflataFix Ceiling Plasterboard Repair.

➡️️ ** INFLATAFIX®  ** —> Proudly distributed in #NewZealand 🇳🇿 by @mannersbuildingproducts !