Kraft (IN) Caulking Trowel 1in (25mm)

Kraft (IN) Caulking Trowel 1in (25mm)


Kraft Caulking Trowel is ideal for tuckpointing, caulking, and other tight jobs. A favorite trowel for masonry restoration and repair. The long blade and tang is forged from one piece of steel for strength and flexibility. Forging assures product consistency with high integrity that won't weaken or crack. The trowel is then tempered for strength and ground for flexibility. Each blade is then polished to keep mortar centered on the blade and to resist material from sliding. The tool is designed for perfect balance during use to reduce fatigue.  

The hardwood handle is attached with a steel ferrule and balanced for ease of use. The trowel's overall length is 11". Of course, proudly made in the USA.

Key Features >>

  • Single-piece forged steel creates blade and tang
  • Tempered steel for strength
  • Taper ground blade for flexibility
  • Polished to better hold mortar
  • Precision balanced to minimize wrist fatigue
  • Narrow blade ideal for tuck pointing
  • Narrow size is perfect for restoration
  • Handle secured with steel ferrule
  • Comfortable smooth hardwood handle
  • Made in the USA

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