Richard ST Series Stainless Joint Knife 6in HH

Richard ST Series Stainless Joint Knife 6in HH


Richard ST Series Stainless Steel Brass Head Joint Knife

Globally recognized Richard Knives are nothing short of quality offering reliable, durable and flexible stainless steel blades that feature a Steel Head (full hammering end) with a flat surface and radius designed to set nail heads and knockdown irregularities.

Key Features:

  • High-quality grade 440 stainless steel blade
  • Full tang blades heat-treated, tempered, ground, mirror-polished and lacquer-sealed
  • Flexible style blade is hollow-ground on both sides
  • Polypropylene handles with brass-plated steel rivets and eyelets
  • Steelhead provides a cold forged steel hammering end and the maximum flat surface with a perfect radius to set nails and knock down irregularities
  • Rustproof blade with optimum blade hardness, offering reliable, durable, quality workmanship
  • Ensure optimum flexibility and even distribution of the compound

 Available in the following sizes

  • 3in - 75mm Stainless, Hammerhead (RT-ST-113)
  • 4in - 100mm Stainless, Hammerhead (RT-ST-114)
  • 5in - 125mm Stainless, Hammerhead (RT-ST-115)
  • 6in - 150mm Stainless, Hammerhead (RT-ST-116)