TapeTech 3in Angle Head (Corner Finisher)

TapeTech 3in Angle Head (Corner Finisher)


TapeTech Corner Finisher are used used to perfectly feather both joint compound edges of internal corners in one pass.

The Corner Finishers can be used for wall-to-wall internal corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. Corner Finishers, also referred to as Angle Finishers, are attached to a corner applicator (TTCA07TT or TTCA08TT) or the TT14TT MudRunner to quickly and professionally finish internal drywall corners. 

TapeTech Corner Finishers are spring loaded to help compensate for slightly imperfect corners. Use with the TTFHTT Fiberglass Handle or the TTXHTT Extension Handle – not included.

Key Features >>

  • Wipes down excess mud in internal corners
  • Embeds inside corner tape on walls and ceilings
  • Finishes inside corners of walls and ceilings
  • Stainless Steel Frames
  • Patented, positive Ball Retainer

-->Auto Taper in Action.

--> Operation and Maintenance Guide. - Click Here!

TapeTech Corner Finisher Options >>

  • 2 inch Corner Finisher
  • 2.5 inch Corner Finisher
  • 3 inch Corner Finisher - EasyRoll® Adjustable
  • 3.5 inch Corner Finisher - EasyRoll® Adjustable

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