Can-Am 32in Compound Tube
Can-Am 32in Compound Tube

Can-Am 32in Compound Tube


Can-Am 32in Applicator Compound Tube applies air-drying or quick-setting joint compound through Applicator Heads and Direct Corner Finishers. This tool provides a smooth, accurate, and even flow of mud for taping, finishing interior angles, flats, and in the application of corner bead!

???   The 32 inch Compound Tube is perfect for smaller jobs & short runs!

Can-Am 32"Applicator Compound Tube now features a steel applicator tip! Thoughtfully designed with a wider opening than the traditional applicator ball which makes it quicker and easier to fill the tube and therefore reduces shoulder strain.

The famous Can-am applicator tubes also feature a unique twist-and-pull end cap design along with anodized aluminum the tubes are designed for rugged performance, professional use, quick disassembly, easy cleanup, and extended service life!

Available Sizes >> 

  • 24" | 32" | 42" | 60"

--> Installing No-Coat with CanAm Compound Tube

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