Can-am NyCor Hybrid Pro Kit **NEW**
Can-am NyCor Hybrid Pro Kit **NEW**

Can-am NyCor Hybrid Pro Kit **NEW**


NyCor Hybrid PRO Kit

The NyCor Hybrid PRO Kit marries the best of CanAm?s 49-year history in drywall tools with the first-of-its-kind NyCor Finishers and FAST Adapter Technology. This kit is built for professionals who want to do premium corner finishing at high efficiency and minimal investment.

Key Features:

  • NyCor Finishers (2.5in, 3in, and 3.5in) ? sculpted in a uniform body, these patented nylon corner finishers stand alone in their class, providing the same world-class finish our customers have depended on for nearly 50 years, at a fraction of the cost
  • NyCor FAST Adapter ? a revolutionary quick-change system, reducing the need for multiple poles and increasing your efficiency and profitability. Use the NyCor Finisher and Roller Handles to quickly change between rollers, finishers, and sanders.

Lastly, the tools come securely loaded in our Traveler Tool Case, featuring a lightweight polymer shell and all-purpose foam padding.

The kit consists of:

  • CAN-P100 - Traveller Tool Case
  • CAN-A300N - 42in Compound Tube
  • CAN-D500-V1 - Extendable Roller Handle 42_72in EZ Clean
  • CAN-G200 - Flat Applicator
  • CAN-E100 - Inside Corner Applicator
  • CAN-J400-V1 - Inside Corner Roller Ultralight
  • CAN-C9100 - NyCor Finisher 2.5in
  • CAN-C9200 - NyCor Finisher 3in
  • CAN-C9400 - NyCor Finisher 3.5in
  • CAN-D9300 - NyCor Finisher Handle 8in
  • CAN-H9100 - Nycor FAST Adapter for Drywall Pole
  • CAN-H9300 - Nycor Sander Adaptor
  • CAN-D9200 - NyCor Roller Handle 4.5in

*This kit is available by indent order only.