Can-am VFD Finisher Set Black Edition
Can-am VFD Finisher Set Black Edition

Can-am VFD Finisher Set Black Edition


Can-am Variable Flow Direct Corner Finishers

CanAm has added yet another innovative solution to its world-famous Corner Finisher.

Introducing our Patent-Pending Adjustable Cover Plate!  This feature provides increased control for drywall finishers who use direct corner finishers with their Compound Tube

Simply slide the cover plate up to get a higher mud flow rate, and down for lower.  

Key Features:

  • Smooth Gliding ? reduce effort and increase control with CanAm?s patented Roller Glide Runners, which eliminate ?chatter? and glides over protruding screws and wet tape on flats
  • Minimal Sanding ? CanAm flushers help achieve a near-perfect finish, every time, with little to no sanding required
  • Ergonomic Design ? our innovative ball-and-socket design provides superior control in corners, access from any angle, and allows for quick and easy tool switching. Hear the famous ?CanAm Click? when used with a Can-am Handle 

Key Benefits:

  • Tape Friendly ? CanAm flushers have a much lower risk of ripping or catching tape thanks to the Patented Roller Glide design and the flexible nature of the stainless blade
  • Quicker 3-Ways ? flushers have the added benefit of going further into 3-ways than angle heads; many pros agree that the time spent picking 3-ways is drastically reduced

Available in the following sizes

  • 2.5in ? CAN-C100-VFD, Ideal for the initial coating of paper tape after rolling.
  • 3.0in - CAN-C200-VFD, Typically used after taping, for application of a second or finish coat
  • 3.5in - CAN-C400-VFD, A great direct finishing Flusher, creating a perfect finish for all of your drywall corners.
  • 4.0in - CAN-C500-VFD, The largest size Variable Flow Direct Finisher, to help create a perfect finish.
  • Tool Set - CAN-P1804, Comes in a Rugged Carrier Case, set consists of the C100-VFD, C200-VFD, C400-VFD, H700