Hamilton Green Dot Topping (T) 13.6L Ctn


HAMILTON® Green Dot Topping compound is designed specifically for the finishing coat applications, formulated for ease of use and of course, quality of finish everytime!

➡️️ The brand that's the BEST in the business!

HAMILTON® Green Dot features:

  • Best for second & finish coats
  • Low shrinkage
  • Easy sanding
  • Superior finish.
  • Lightweight

A simple all in one kit, INFLATAFIX comes with an inflatable back block system and a specially formulated fast drying smooth plaster. Fixes holes in minutes, not days and with NO rust stains and NO glue required - INFLATAFIX is faster & easier, it also has a superior finish along with being the best value on the market!

Available in  >> 

  • 13.6L CTN
  • 18L PL

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