Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch Kit 4in (100mm)

Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch Kit 4in (100mm)


The HYDE BETTER FINISH REPAIR KIT makes very easy work of repairing holes up to 4" in diameter. Included is everything needed to make a substantial repair, promising to improve the patching process and leave a better-looking finish once the wall is repainted. 

??? Included in the patch kit are two tubes of Better Finish Nail Hole Filler Joint Compound. The compound provided is joint compound as opposed to spackle. Its compatibility with drywall makes it an excellent choice for wall repair as it leaves a more invisible repair than traditional spackling compound, which tends to be obvious after painting!

HYDE Better Finish Wall Repair Kit features:

  • Ideal for repairing small holes, cracks, and damaged surfaces.
  • Kit includes everything you need from start to finish.
  • Detailed instructions to complete the job and get a BETTER FINISH.
  • NO SHRINKING, cracking, and easy to sand.
  • Quality products!
  • Easy and quick for that professional finish.

??? The Kit includes: 4 X 4 Self Adhesive Steel patch, Two 3 oz. tubes of Better Finish joint compound, Tube Applicator, 6 in Plastic joint knife and Sandpaper!


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