Hyde Drill Mixer 2.25in (60mm)

Hyde Drill Mixer 2.25in (60mm)


HYDE TOOLS Mudslinger Power Mixer is a heavy duty mixer for use with drywall compound, driveway sealer, paint and more. 

➡️️ Key Features:⁣⁣

  • Very Strong Welded steel.
  • Perfect for for drywall, paint and more.
  • Heavy duty Welded steel.
  • Hexagonal shaft for positive chuck engagement.
  • 2-1/4″ diameter, 3/8″x16″ shaft.
  • Electrostatic paint coating for easy cleanup and corrosion resistance.

Available Options >>

  • HT46540 - Hyde (IN) Drill Mixer 1-3/4in (45mm)
  • HT46555 - Hyde Drill Mixer 2.25in (60mm)
  • HT46560 - Hyde Drill Mixer 3.25in (80mm)
  • HT46565 - Hyde Drill Mixer 4in (100mm)
  • HT43440 - Hyde Stir Whip Mixer

—> Only distributed in New Zealand by @mannersbuildingproducts