Hyde Pro Dust-Free Square Pole Sander (IN)
Hyde Pro Dust-Free Square Pole Sander (IN)

Hyde Pro Dust-Free Square Pole Sander (IN)


**Special Order Product**

Hyde Professional Dust-Free Pole Sander (Pole Included)

The Hyde Professional Grade Drywall Pole Sander, the ultimate tool for achieving smooth, finish-ready surfaces with minimal effort. This sander is a fusion of top-quality materials and innovative design, making it an indispensable tool for professional and DIY projects alike.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with aluminum and stainless steel, this pole sander is not only lightweight but also built to last, offering long-lasting durability.
  • Superior Sanding Screens: Includes 4 top-of-the-line abrasive drywall sanding screens, ensuring you consistently achieve a smooth and ready-to-finish surface.
  • Versatile 2-Piece Pole: The pole extends from 28 inches to 56 inches, adapting to your working height needs for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
  • No-Flip Design: Engineered for fast and effective sanding without the inconvenience of flipping, enhancing your work efficiency.
  • EasyClamp System: Features an EasyClamp system for effortless sheet loading, saving time and reducing hassle.
  • Patented Abrasive Nets: These nets are designed to last 3 times longer than traditional sandscreens, providing exceptional value and performance.
  • Universal Wet/Dry Vacuum Adapter: Comes with a patented universal adapter that connects to all wet/dry vacuum hoses, ensuring up to 99% dust removal for a cleaner work environment.


  • Dust-Free Sanding: Attach it to your wet-dry vac to remove up to 99% of drywall dust, protecting your health and keeping the worksite clean.
  • Ergonomic Design: The rubberized sanding pad ensures a firm grip on the wall, reducing effort and improving the quality of sanding.
  • Adaptable and User-Friendly: With its extendable pole and easy sheet changing system, this sander is suitable for various environments and user levels.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The combination of no-flip design and durable abrasive nets ensures you get the job done quickly and effectively, every time.

Elevate Your Sanding Experience: Get the Professional Pole Sander and transform the way you work. With its innovative features and superior design, you're guaranteed a smooth, efficient, and dust-free sanding process. Order now and take the first step towards professional-grade results!