Kraft Aluminium Button Handle 6ft x 1-3/4in

Kraft Aluminium Button Handle 6ft x 1-3/4in


Kraft Aluminium Button Handle 6ft x 1-3/4in is a 72" lightweight aluminum button bull float handle features a 1-3/4" diameter for easy handling. The handle is anodized blue aluminum which stands out on a jobsite. Anodized aluminum prevents hands from turning black caused by oxidation. Swaged design fits multiple handles together without extra inserts. The nesting design secures the handle to brackets and other handles for an extended reach. A double button clip (CC289-01) is attached to each handle to connect to brackets or other handles. This snap handle fits easily on Kraft Tool double tilt action float brackets (#CC270, CC290, CC294, and CC296) , or single tilt bracket (#CC666, CC696 and #CC697). The handle fits in Gator Tools? Brackets (#GF10330, GF11401, GF11600). Handle fits Kraft Tool's Multi-Twist? brackets (#CC686, CC687, CC688) with the Multi Twist? Button Handle Bracket (CC689). This handle can also be attached to clevis or threaded brackets with an adapter.

Key Features >>

  • Lightweight aluminum handle
  • 1-3/4 In. diameter
  • Swaged design nests multiple handles together
  • Swaged design means no loose inserts
  • Anodized aluminum keeps hands from turning black from oxidation
  • Bright blue color is easy to spot on job site
  • Single Button Clip secures connection
  • Use with Double-Tilt or Single-Tilt Action Brackets
  • Use on threaded or clevis brackets with adapters
  • SAFETY FIRST: Metal handles should not be used near electrical wires
  • Made in the USA


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