Kraft Aluminium Spreader 19-1/2 x 4in no Hook

Kraft Aluminium Spreader 19-1/2 x 4in no Hook


Kraft Aluminium Spreader 19-1/2 x 4in no Hook features a lightweight aluminum head. The 19-1/2 In. x 4 In. blade is angled with an optimal curve to easily push and pull material into place as the user spreads and levels concrete. The head provides a strong wide base for moving wet concrete. Two heavy-duty aluminum braces connect the blade and handle ferrule for reinforced strength when moving material. A 54 In. wood jam handle completes this tool. The spreader ships unassembled, includes hardware. Carton of 5 spreaders, priced per each. Must order in quantities of 5. Proudly made in the USA.

Key Features >>

  • Made of strong lightweight aluminum
  • Two heavy-duty aluminum braces for added strength
  • Made in the USA

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