Manners Use-It Velcro Superpad - 100 Grit

Manners Use-It Velcro Superpad - 100 Grit


Manners USE-IT Yellow Sanding Disc Pads is the Genuine Original Super Pad ? the main sanding disc for paint & plaster sanding!  Thanks to the unique design and abrasive coating, USE-IT Pads are a high performance abrasive that reduces  clogging and provides a quality finish every time.

Specifically designed to use for sanding and finishing of paint, plaster and drywall that features:

  • Patented Design ? resists scratch & swirl marks.
  • Lasts Longer than most other options.
  • Superior Finish.
  • Unique Coating Resists Clogging
  • 225mm diameter to fit most sanders.

Available in packs of 5x units from 40 grit through to 320 grits.