Quick Dam Mats 6.75in x 16.5in - 10pk

Quick Dam Mats 6.75in x 16.5in - 10pk


QUICK DAM MATS - Protect your home and property against leaks and spills with Quick Dam Mats. 

Use to contain and control water. Absorbs & swells when wet! The mats are a perfect replacement for paper towels.

Key Features 

  • Absorbs water on contact & converts liquid to a gel.
  • Inner absorbent is completely contained to prevent seepage
  • Compact, lightweight, & easy to store.
  • Prevent slip & fall accidents.
  • Mats absorb liquid from both sides
  • One mat absorbs the equivalent of 1.5 rolls of paper towels.

Ideal For  

  • Most spills & drips.
  • Toilet / plumbing repairs.
  • Use on job sites to maintain a clean & dry work area.
  • Contain and clean up liquid overflow & much more!