Straitflex MID-FLEX 300 30.5m x 76mm
Straitflex MID-FLEX 300 30.5m x 76mm
Straitflex MID-FLEX 300 30.5m x 76mm

Straitflex MID-FLEX 300 30.5m x 76mm


Strait-Flex Mid-Flex is a muddable, paper-faced composite, flexible corner bead that adjusts to any angle to create perfect inside and outside 90° and off-angle corners.

The composite structural backing provides strength for durability and impact resistance.  The heavy-weight, diamond punched paper provides maximum adhesion for an even lay-down of the paper edge and reduced edge cracking.  Strait-Flex Mid-Flex is packaged in 30.5m rolls that can be cut to the desired length in the field to minimize scrap loss.

Key Features:

  • Memory-free hinge produces straight corners and perfect angles
  • Smooth nose provides a square, low profile – drywall knives will not catch, snag or puncture centre hinge
  • Composite-fibre structural backing provides strength and embeds into compound to provide a superior bond to the drywall surface
  • Diamond-punched paper edging provides maximum adhesion – no cracks, no call backs
  • Paper surface is pre-treated to accept paint, finishing compound is not required over the laminated area – uses the half the compound vs. standard corner bead
  • Paper will not fuzz-up during finish sanding like paper and mesh tapes
  • Installs with all-purpose joint compound.  No special tools or fasteners are needed.  Lightweight compound may be used to finish.


  • Great for vaulted, coffered and tray ceilings, bay windows.
  • Outside corners where common gaps in drywall are present.
  • Outside corners where a large fill or straightening is required, no back filling needed.

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