TapeTech 40in Premium Finishing Knife *NEW

TapeTech 40in Premium Finishing Knife *NEW


**We have landed all NEW and IMPROVED range of TapeTech premium finishing knives that includes a replaceable blade and redesigned grip profile! 

TAPETECH PREMUM KNIVES are recognized globally as the Gold Standard for premium wipe-down and finishing knives!

???  TapeTech Premium Finishing Knives now feature replaceable blades. If the blade is damaged or worn it can easily be replaced in a matter of minutes. Replacement blades are sold in packs of two blades for the best value in the industry.

Engineering with the highest grade INOX German stainless steel, TapeTech knives produce the absolute best finish in the industry! The secret is the strong but flexible INOX blade and the precise fulcrum point designed into the grip area. This allows the blade to have up to ten times more contact area with the surface, generating a superior finish every time. The ergonomic design is comfortable even with extended use and significantly reduces the wrist strain that is common when using traditional finishing knives. The knives are easy to use with one hand or two.

Key Features >>

  • Replaceable Blades
  • The absolute BEST knives for that Level 5 finish and large skimming work.?
  • Quality German INOX stainless steel blades will not rust.?
  • Superior Strength and Extreme Flexibility.?
  • Redesigned Grip Profile - Designed & Engineered to significantly reduce wrist strain.?
  • Extendable Handle can fit any of the knives with the head & length of the handle can be adjusted as required. - *Not included.

Available Options >>

  • 7-inch?
  • 12-inch?
  • 14-inch?
  • 18-inch?
  • 24-inch?
  • 32-inch?
  • 40-inch?
  • 48-inch?

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