Tapetech Auto Taper Extension (IN)
Tapetech Auto Taper Extension (IN)

Tapetech Auto Taper Extension (IN)


**Special Order Product**

The TapeTech Automatic Taper Extension adds 76 cm to your 07TT EasyClean Automatic Taper. This extension allows you to reach joints up to 3.6 meters high without needing an extra-long taper.

Key Features:

  • Increased Reach - The TapeTech Automatic Taper Extension increases the length of your taper by nearly 60%. This added reach makes it easier to work on high joints, reducing the need for ladders or scaffolding.
  • Easy Connection - The extension connects quickly and easily to the automatic taper. No tools are required, making it convenient for any job site.
  • Independent Controls - The extension includes its own control tube for advancing and cutting the paper tape. Additionally, it has an independent creaser wheel control lever, allowing for precise and efficient operation.


  • Length Addition: Adds 76 cm
  • Total Reach: Allows for joints up to 3.6 meters high
  • Connection: Tool-free quick connection
  • Controls: Independent control tube and creaser wheel control lever

Improve Your Work Quality

Using the TapeTech Automatic Taper Extension improves the efficiency of high joint applications. It provides extended reach and precise control, reducing the need for additional tools and equipment. This extension is essential for professionals seeking reliable and consistent results.