Hamilton EZ Patch Spackling .83L

Hamilton EZ Patch Spackling .83L


WESTPAC EZ-PATCH SPACKLING - is a ready-mixed light weight spackling compound and is the perfect option to fill cracks, holes, nail heads, scratches and dents in plasterboard walls or ceilings

???  The perfect alternative to the likes of REDIFILLA.

Key Features >> 

  • Repairs cracks and holes in one easy application
  • Convenient lightweight formula
  • Smooth, quick drying and non-shrinking
  • Easy to apply and can be sanded smooth ready for painting/decorating.

Available Sizes >> 

  • 1.83L
  • 3.3L

??? ** HAMILTON Plaster ?  ** ?> Proudly we are the sole distributors in #NewZealand ????  !